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Golden Child Energy

is the most activating ascension energy. It is the flavour of the coming Golden Age. Those who receive it open themselves up to the dimensional level they are ready for

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How and when did Golden Child Energy first appear?

The first time we met Golden Child Energy was when Dil and her Border Collie "Brahmin of The World" (RIP) opened the portal to the Golden Land in November 2014. Golden Child Energy instantly began flowing from the Golden Land directly to our universe and to earth. Charlotte Shanti was the first to receive a "golden handshake" from Dil with full transference of the energy. Since then Dil gives these powerful handshakes to anyone who wishes to receive the Golden Child Energy.

When Golden Child Energy began to flow we experienced it as a golden stream not unlike a lava stream. We later linked this observation to the fact that Golden Child Energy has a very close connection to the Hawai'i islands and Arcturus.

In November 2018 Charlotte Shanti and Dil visited Kauai, Hawai'i to do energy work on the vibrational entry / exit portals that provide for the arrival and departure of souls to and from earth. They are situated on Anahole and Polihale. On the same trip they met Kauai's kahuna (shaman), who explained the islands' close association with Arcturus. If you look at pictures of Arcturus it looks exactly like Charlotte Shanti sees the Golden Child Energy
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NASA image of Arcturus

The next thing that happened after Golden Child Energy started flowing into our universe was that Charlotte Shanti experienced lightship City of Light come to life. This lightship is energetically driven and maintained by Golden Child Energy.

This cooperative community of beings from all places in our universe appeared before me. This City of Light aims to help humanity on Golden Ascension and to the coming Golden Age. Access to City of Light is free and open to everyone who connects with City of Light.

One of the first ways the Golden Child Energy expressed itself was through coded crystal tools. When you allow the coded crystal in to you energy system you will discover, that the Golden Child Energy does not add something new to your own system. Nor does it subtract anything. The Golden Child Energy fertilizes and supports you in being Who You Are and to manifest your fullest potentials.

Dil has coded a range of high frequency crystal tools together with Golden Child Energy. You can find them in our webshop. Check them out if you would like to work deeper with Golden Child Energy.

Golden Child Energy has gathered all courses from City of Light into the "Golden Age Master Class".

The main thing the Golden Child energy wants is to show you "what you are". Throughout human history we have asked ourselves "who am I". The Golden Child Energy has now come to us to tell you “that which you are”. It is a huge step on our way to coming Golden Age.

Meet Golden Child Energy

Come and meet Golden Child Energy with Dil, who is the anchor for this powerful ascension energy.
Dil will take you for a beautiful nature walk together with her dog Nuka and introduce you to Golden Child Energy.

The music is
Golden Child Energy 432Hz by Dil & Charlotte Shanti.
The walk takes place at Knudshoved Odde a nature preservation area in Denmark.

Thank you for walking with us.

St. Germain on Golden Child Energy

It is a profound energy and most important for the future of humanity.

"The Golden Child Energy is equivalent to the evolution of humanity and future humanity.

Future humans will carry great spiritual authority and personal power and they will also be much more integrated.

Their growth will be much more integrated. A concept that is quite hard for present day humans to understand.

But because of this integration and movement away from polarization there is quite a different expression of humanity in the future which carries great spiritual authority and personal power.

In many ways The Golden Child Energy gives birth to groups of humans in the future such as the Essasani. The Golden Child energy is wrapped around the Essasani.

Those future humans who will be a hybrid product of the unity of humans and other extraterrestrials forming this new group will be based in Orion.

Such a hybrid is common in the galaxy it is the way of evolution in many ways in many times."

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Expand Your Energy

5D lightship City of Light is here NOW to support you and earth on ascension to the coming Golden Age. Join us in this multi dimensional transformation proces.

Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
+45 4225 3108
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