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Expand Your Energy

Charlotte Shanti is on her Andromedan life mission

working together with light beings since 2014 helping people on their individual divine path utilizing advanced Energy Frequency Tuning

Charlotte Shanti is a professional Kinesiologist & Intnl. Educator. Book a kinesiology session with her to finetune your whole being.
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Join Charlotte Shanti in City of Light where she uses her pure 5D telepathy, multi-dimensional channelling and high frequency clairvoyance skills.

Charlotte Shanti works with pure 5D telepathy multi-dimensional channelling and high frequency clairvoyance

About Charlotte Shanti

Charlotte Shanti has in collaboration with 5D lightship City of Light created Energy Frequency Tuning, which is a new way to harmonize, balance, transform, heal and activate in the 5th dimension of the Golden Age.

She works as a Golden Age Transformation Teacher and has created the Golden Age Master Class course series together with light beings in City of Light for anyone already working in or wishing to level up to dimensional energies and frequencies.

Charlotte Shanti develops new material that she presents as a speaker at international conferences, in Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey and other forums.

She resides in Denmark close to nature in a 160 year old school building in the outskirts of a nature reserve by the sea with her family and Border Collie.

She has always been spiritually curious and engaged in the question “Who am I”. This has led her on 16 travels to India and other spiritually highly vibrant places like Tibet, Greenland and Kauai, Hawai’i. From 1996 to 2006 she was actively involved in the Sathya Sai Organization working for the Danish international leaders and teaching children human values as a Bal Vikas Guru. She was also a bhajan musician playing the tabla with her music group Divine Light. In 2001 she played a concert for Guru Poornima in the Poornachandra Hall, Puttaparthi, in the presence of Sathya Sai Baba.

Since 2012 she has worked as a professional kinesiologist utilizing many different modalities with a particular focus on allergies and EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).
In 2014 she was involved in opening a portal to the Golden Child Energy, which led her to the ethereal community City of Light. With a new found passion for the dimensional system she began teaching her own courses integrating ascension spirituality and traditional kinesiology.
She is a professional kinesiologist & intnl. educator and member of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK) and has created her own courses “Coded Crystal Tools Ascension Balance”, “Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine” and “Pollen Allergy Test Kit”.

Energy Frequency Tuning

This explores how we may expand methods and modalities to include the 5D dimensional system.
It is a new direction that emphasizes supporting the many people who in these years transform energies and frequencies in the 3rd and 4th dimension to the 5th dimension and higher.
These energy and frequency changes are not easily balanced through known modalities and techniques unless we open up to and include the dimensional system of The Golden Age.

Transmission from Golden Child Energy

"Charlotte Shanti is the Golden Age Transformation Teacher. She has always had a good intuition and had inner dialogue with her own guides, but when the Golden Child energy was opened up in 2014, her abilities to communicate with energetic beings from parallel worlds developed with great speed.
She embraces everyone with a straightforward and down to earth manner. She has great spaciousness and good grounding and a sincere desire to walk the path of truth (sathya) in the spirit of the community (sangha).
In addition, Charlotte Shanti has been allowed to call herself a Golden Age Transformation Teacher because she is able to convey simple, clear and precise messages to people from energetic beings on many different frequencies and many different parallel worlds.
Through Charlotte Shanti and City of Light people can gently be guided all the way to their own core where they can firmly and confidently stand in their own POWER and fully be who they are."

How did I get here?

I have followed the path of the Guru path and the instruction of Sathya Sai Baba in my heart since 1996. I have visited shrines and ashrams both in north and south India on my 16 travels. The most important have been Ramana Maharishi in Arunachala, Amma in Amritapuri and ShantiMayi in Laxmanjhulla.
Tibetan Buddhism has been in my DNA throughout my spiritual journey and the trip to Tibet in 2009 to the roof of the world confirmed the close ties.
My life took a new turn in 2014 when I came into contact with advanced healers here in Denmark. Suddenly I found myself on the Golden Ascension path and within a very short time had an awakening with intense activations and upgrades.
The next thing that happened was on 4 November 2014 when I came into contact with the City of Light. It simply appeared before me after a small group had been working on grounding the newly appeared Golden Child Energy to earth. This is the energy that holds City of Light together.

I realized that my life mission is to work together with star beings from all over the universe and help them on their mission to support ascension on earth.

I carry out this life mission through coded crystal tools, courses and sessions using my re-activated abilities from Atlantis & Lemuria and other places.

My basic spiritual attitude is that "all roads lead to Rome". We choose the path that is most beneficial to our constitution and that most effectively leads us to the goal.

You are welcome with the faith and spiritual path you are on.

I look forward to meeting you.
Peace, Light and Love
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
Atlantis & Lemuria Coded Crystal Tools Designer

Expand Your Energy

5D lightship City of Light is here NOW to support you and earth on ascension to the coming Golden Age. Join us in this multi dimensional transformation proces.

Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
+45 4225 3108
VAT DK34352062


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